Lucia organized a fantastic tour of Budapest for me. Being a native of Budapest her knowledge of the city was outstanding and she shared with me many interesting facts about living in Budapest. Our walking tour took us to many of the most interesting areas in Budapest, particularly some of the cities finest coffee houses. Lucia is very energetic and a great conversationalist and I thoroughly enjoyed my time touring with her. I highly recommend Lucia as your guide for a visit to this wonderful city.

Paul, USA

You really can’t do better if the day involves wine. Knows the wines and vineyards, smart, attentive, considerate. Pretty much perfect.

Jim, USA

Was a super nice experience and she exceeded all expectations!

Moh, United Arab Emirates

Thank you for everything. You are a gem.

The Game (Rapper), United States

Had great time with Lucia, very intelligent and knowledgable person.. Thanks Lucia 🙂

Alee, Switzerland

I am a huge wine lover and I had a very nice time with Lucia in a local Hungarian Wine bar! Thank you. Surely will recommend Lucia and come back.

Christophe, France

Lucia is fun to spend time with and is an authority on Hungarian wine from lots of first hand experience. We had some unusual adventures and even visited the National Olympic Museum where she showed me her grandmother’s gold medals. The museum has interactive exhibits and word of warning : don’t challenge her to a shooting match. Until next time Lucia.

Marco, United States

She is kind, knowledgeable and a wonderful person. She has a vibe and always pleasant. Highly recommended if you wish to have a great experience.

Rehman, United Arab Emirates

Lucia is truly amazing to be around. I am very glad to have had her as my guide for my week long trip in Budapest. Clearly she knows everyone in her field and loved to show her country. On my first evening I wanted to go to cocktail bars and then to a club. Turns out the owner of the best bars in Budapest is a good friend of her family, therefore I could feel the special service we were receiving. She also knows all the club owners, and she not only managed to get a great vip table, but she was also assuring quality service. I had a blast! The next day she showed me a hidden local winebar, where I was tasting the hungarian wines. The service was very nice there and I really felt like a local. It made me curious so I asked Lucia to show me the best wineries of North Balaton, which she did in an amazing way! She got me a private driver for a good price and the day after we went and visited 2 wineries, Tihany peninsula and a cocktail bar in Balatonfured where her bartender little brother works. Funny guy! It was so enriching and exciting. The driver was great and enthusiastic. He is a law student with a nice and discreet personality. The next day I wanted to visit the Visegrad area for which Lucia managed to find me another driver as the previous one was not available for that day. This driver was also nice to be around and turns out she is a doctor! After Visegrad we went play golf in a beautiful hidden village called Kisoroszi. Mind-blowingly nice, beautiful place to explore! Overall, I am very grateful for finding Lucia. She made the best out of my trip, met all my expectations, and at the same time I felt like a local friend is showing me around. Naturally professional and fun to be around. Thank you very much! I will definitely be back. I highly-highly recommend her.

Daniel Smith, Monaco

Lucia fut une guide aussi professionnel que amical, grâce à elle, l’organisation fut au top et nous avons pu profiter pleinement des activités réservées!! Merci beaucoup!!

Arnaud, France